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Experts on hand to help!

Confused? Not sure what suits you? Have some questions?  Then reach out to our Customer Service team who are on hand to help answer your questions or point you in the right direction to find your perfect solution.   Confused? There is a lot of information on our website and this is with you in …

Two skiers ski through a field of powder towards a large mountain in Ste Foy

Budget Friendly Ski Resorts

The Post-Office has just released its annual Travel Money Ski Report, and many good-sized Italian resorts have hit the top rankings, offering prices on par with Bulgaria, but with higher mountains and larger ski areas. Price falls in all six Italian resorts surveyed made them the best value for UK skiers among the ski ‘big …

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Last-minute ski holiday swaps

As France has effectively banned British holidaymakers, and Austria has tightened up entry requirements, a lot of determined skiers are making last-minute swaps to new destinations where the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. Rest assured, if you want to go skiing this winter, it’s definitely possible, no matter what kind of holiday tickles your …

austrian ski resort emoji quiz

Austrian Ski Resort Emoji Quiz

To celebrate Austrian ski resorts opening up, we’ve prepared this emoji quiz of well-known Austrian resorts.  How many can you name? To see the answers, scroll down.                           Answers Saint Anton = saint + ant + on Kitzbuhel = cats + bull Axamer Lizum = axe …

Hand holding a slip of burning paper. The paper has the word 'calories' written on it in red.
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How many calories does skiing burn?

Is skiing good exercise? How many calories does skiing burn? For most people, downhill skiing burns between 300 and 600 calories per hour of activity.  Riding chairlifts and sitting down for lunches don’t count. In reality, though, things are a bit more complicated than that. Let’s start with some guarantees. Skiing definitely burns more calories …

Painting of Birkebeiner skiers carrying Prince Haakon of Norway to safety

A Brief History of Skiing

Who invented skiing? Some say the Austrians. Most say the Norwegians. But you’d be wrong on both counts. No, skiing is far older than you probably imagine and dates back even further than the wheel, to Central Asia, some 22,000 years or more. Yeah, that’s right. I was surprised, too. In his book, Two Planks …