The world is changing. It is becoming more and more obvious year on year that climate change is a very real phenomenon. One only needs to glance across the world, floods in Pakistan, forest fires, droughts not seen for hundreds of years. It IS happening. Even in the UK, it shocked us to discover that in 2019 Scientists predicted that there was a 1 in 100 chance the UK would see a 40C summer. And, as you well know, we have had this summer now, and it’s been the hottest on record. As a business that depends on snowfall, for us it was a no brainer. So, we are leading the charge in our industry, bringing about change and taking a stand. The world needs to fight, but it starts with small businesses and individuals. 

We’ve partnered with Earthly to help us offset our emissions. We are carbon neutral +10%, this means that we are going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we are definitely neutral, and because we believe it is important that we make a meaningful difference. 

We’ve chosen two projects, one domestic and one international: 

1. Kelp Farming in Devon, Cornwall
In 2016, there was only one commercial seaweed farm in the UK, this has risen to 10 in 2022. The kelp farming industry is fast growing, and with good reason. Seaweed is a permanent way of carbon dioxide removal. The Biome Algae project in the UK is in its second year and works with cutting edge scientific research to test innovative ways of carbon removal. Not only this, seaweed farming is commercially viable, good for the local wildlife but most importantly good for the planet with its rapid carbon removal. 

1. Peatland Protection in the Indonesian Borneo
It’s common knowledge that Rainforests around the world are being pillaged for natural resources. There are many projects that aim to protect these areas of outstanding natural beauty and value. Earthly have partnered with the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project. This rainforest would have been turned into palm oil estates, emitting over 100 million tonnes of carbon. Instead, they’re on track to hitting all 17 SDGs, achieving the protection of the rainforest and one of the last bastions of wild orangutans. Giving jobs, education and a host of other humanitarian benefits to the local population. Plus, avoiding the expulsion of 100 million tonnes of carbon emissions.

This is just phase one, we are going to be doing more and you will be able to get involved in this as well! Keep your eyes peeled, we will have an update soon! In the meantime, remember to do your own research on this topic. This is something that we believe everyone should be passionate about, regardless of who you are and what you do. Believing in climate change and educating yourself, your friends and family, work friends – anyone who will listen! The world needs to change, and fast.