Skiing in the Age of Isolation

Shane McConkey dressed as Saucer Boy jumps off cliff holding American flag

Covid-19 meant that ski season ended much sooner than any of us would have liked this year, but that’s no reason to stop you from skiing. Here’s a round up of the best social distancing and quarantine skiing posts we’ve seen since the coronavirus lockdown started. If we’ve missed your favourite post, let us know!

(Please don’t actually try any of these, the hospitals are pretty busy as is.)

You know what was terrible about the 80s? That’s right, nothing. This guy and his retro ski/hoverboard combo are blasting through isolation like Marty McFly running away from Biff Tannen.



Toilet paper, loo roll – whatever you call it, if you’ve hoarded enough of it, apparently you can ski on it.



If you thought a mere global pandemic was enough to stop Jerry, then you don’t know Jerry very well.



Former Freeride World Tour champ Victor de la Rue had to settle for second place on the tour this year after coronavirus cut things short but he’s still getting stuck into some adventures.



Um, technically he’s more than 2m away from anyone else, so it’s safe in that sense at least…



Slopestyle world champ Jesper Tjader is known for being one of the world’s most creative freeskiers, but this is another level.


You don’t win three world cups (two in slopestyle, one in big air) without getting some practice in. Why not use this time of isolation to turn your flat into an obstacle course?


The high-vis jacket makes this one extra safe.

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