SkiBro’s Guide to Skiing in London

Welcome to SkiBro’s guide to the top 5 ski centres around London!

Who said you can’t ski in London? London’s got some epic ski spots hidden right under your nose! Get ready for the ultimate guide to indoor and outdoor skiing in and around the city, where you can experience the thrill of skiing without leaving the urban landscape behind.

Here are our favourite places for London skiing:

1. The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, which is just a 30-minute train ride from central London, is the perfect place to get your ski fix, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. The Snow Centre has a 160-metre indoor slope, and its snow is made from real water and air, creating a real-life skiing experience. With ski rental included in lesson prices, the largest indoor ski slope in London is the ideal place to practice. The slope is open all year round, so you can enjoy skiing even in the summer months.

2. Snozone, Milton Keynes

Admittedly, this one’s a little further from London, but first-hand experience means there’s no way MK wouldn’t make our list!

The Snozone in Milton Keynes is Europe’s largest indoor ski slope. Yep, that’s right! The venue boasts a massive 170-metre slope, which is the longest indoor slope in the UK, and is made up of real snow. The slope is perfect for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Snozone, like Hemel’s Snow Centre, offer ski hire included in the lesson price.

With junior ski lessons starting at age three, you can have your little ones on the slopes and ready to go in a fun, safe environment, guided by a team of experienced professionals! With a ‘beginners day course’ and ‘ski plough to parallel’ day course available, there are great packages on offer whether you’re just starting or need a refresher before your next big trip!

3. Skieasy, Chiswick

If you’re a little further out west, Skieasy is a must-visit for any ski enthusiasts who find themselves restless, dreaming of the mountains!

A little more sophisticated than the dry slopes we’re used to, Skieasy features a constantly rotating ski slope (like a massive treadmill!) which completely eliminates the need for a lift pass or those tricky button lifts! Especially handy for honing your carving technique, this slope features fully adjustable gradient and speed, so even if you’re new to the sport you can take it easy and learn at your own pace.

All ski lessons are private, so unless you bring a friend to ski with you, you won’t ever be sharing the space with another skier! This allows for a bespoke one-to-one learning experience and maximum potential for improvement. One of the great benefits of this slope is that you won’t have to wrap up either! So long as you’ve got long sleeves and trousers, you’ll be good to go. Avoid the queues you find at snowdomes and make your way to one of the most impressive indoor ski facilities in Europe!

4. Sandown Sports, Surrey

Back to dry slopes! Sandown sports boasts four dry ski slopes with two button lifts and a plethora of activities available at the centre!

With two nursery slopes at 30m and 50m long, there’s plenty of space available for the young ones to learn the ropes safely and away from the more experienced skiers. The main slope is 140m and they even have a specific slalom slope of 65m. They really do have all the options you need for your pre-trip preparation!

The top of the main slopes looks down onto Sandown Park Racecourse, with the London skyline in the distance. Not a bad view at all. They have a range of expert instructors capable of teaching across all levels and sell a wide range of adult and junior ski courses, as well as private lessons available for faster improvement. For those watching and waiting on the side-lines, visit the on-site ski chalet clubhouse for a drink and a bite to eat! Ski and boot hire is included in all lesson prices, so travel light and turn up stress-free!

5. Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard

Finally rounding off our list is the Brentwood Park Ski and Snowboard Centre! With a view of over 50 acres of gorgeous woodland scenery, this dry slope nestled just outside the capital is a fantastic venue with a huge slope. The centre’s qualified and experienced instructors provide a fun and supportive environment that encourages children to safely learn new skills and make new friends in their lessons.

With special children-only mornings every Saturday from 10:00am to 12:00pm, the centre uses games and obstacles to make learning a more enjoyable experience for the little ones. Additionally, they provide woodland activity camps with a range of outdoor pursuits. For those who want to take it further, they offer a host of more serious sessions and classes., easily facilitated by the size of the slope.

Not only are they a unique and exciting family venue for skiing near London, but they’re open all year round! In addition, they also have other exciting facilities such as a go-karting track, golf driving range, and a Chinese buffet. What more could you want?

Make Brentwood Park Ski and Snowboard Centre your go-to destination for skiing near London and give your child an early start to their love of the sport!


Whether you’re looking to warm up before your next ski trip with SkiBro or start your skiing journey right here in London, these five ski centres have everything you need!

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