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As far as family holidays go, there’s an awful lot to plan, pack and book for a ski trip. Let’s be honest, it can be a rather stressful experience! We had thousands of customers asking us for recommendations about ski hire and ski passes whilst booking their lessons so we thought of a solution to help ease the burden of booking all of these products…

With SkiBro you can now book your lessons and hire all together, saving you time and money!

Book your ski hire with us – save up to 50%

We’ve partnered with SkiSet, one of the largest ski rental companies in the alps covering nearly every ski resort you can think of with over 800 ski hire rental shops. When choosing a partner, we wanted a company who fitted SkiBro’s aim of offering customers a range of choices, all at an excellent quality. We got a great deal for our customers, where you’ll get up to 30% off your ski hire if you’ve already booked lessons or an experience.


To book your ski hire, you can contact our always helpful Ski Specialists using the chat in the bottom left, or email – we’ll be able to sort everything for you.

Or if you’d prefer to organise yourself, head to skiset to find all their prices and deals.



  1. Check out the store locations – the benefit of booking with SkiBro is that you don’t have to choose a location before you book. Once in resort, you can choose ANY SkiSet shop in a resort to pick up your skis from. Our suggestion is to go for the closest to your accommodation, or close to the slopes if they have lockers.
  2. 7th day is often free – in many SkiSet shops, so if you arrive midday, or depart late afternoon, you can get an extra day on the mountain for no extra cost! Many of the shops let you pick up your skis from 4pm the day before too.
  3. Label your skis – to make them easier to find. After a big, crowded lunch you may find yourself inspecting hundreds of very similar looking skis. Even worse, somebody may take yours by accident. Asking the ski shop to mark your skis at the tip or tying a small ribbon around them when you stop on the mountain is an easy cheat to keep your skis safer.


Guide to SkiSet’s Rental Packs:

Getting the right rental skis or snowboard for your ability and confidence level is seriously important in ensuring you have the best time on the slopes and progress as much as possible. Going for skis that are too long or advanced isn’t going to help your ski experience on day 1. If you’re looking for tips – head over to our blog on choosing the right rental equipment.

SkiSet makes it easy by allowing you to select from 3 options which are tailored to budgets and ability levels:


Economy Pack

Simple yet effective. These are refurbished, slightly older skis and boots, tailored towards those on a budget. If you’re not interested in having the latest kit, it’s a great choice to save money. These skis and boots are from the Evolution and Performance packages a few years early. Still brilliant brand name and kit, just slightly aged.

Ability levels: Beginners and intermediates
Best for: Those on a budget. We would generally recommend to go for Evolution or above due to the age of this pack.

Evolution Pack

One of the more popular choices, the Evolution pack is designed for beginner and intermediate skiers, mostly on green and blue slopes primarily. This kit is designed for being on-piste and maintaining control, helping you have fun whilst learning.
The boots are going to be aimed for comfort and more forgiving than advanced packs.

Ability levels: Beginners – Intermediate
Best for: All learning skiers and snowboarders looking for a reliable product.


EvolutionPack with SkiBro and Skiset ski hire

Performance Pack

For all skiers and boarders on all types of slopes and snow. This is the all-mountain range which allows you to enjoy being on and off-piste, and even try some jumps. These skis are high-performance that ensure stability and grip when you’re carving down the mountain. Don’t be put off by the words ‘high-performance’, it doesn’t take an expert to use them. If you’re cruising down blue runs, then it’s going to make it a very pleasurable experience which feels safe and comfortable. The boots tend to be much newer in this category which is always a luring factor!

Ability levels: Intermediate – Advanced (If you’ve skied 1-2 weeks already)
Best for: Progressing skiers and snowboarders in parallel turns

Performance Ski Hire with Skiset and SkiBro

Excellence Pack

This is a more technical package that allow you to select a ski based on the type of skiing you want to do. With the excellence pack you could rent All-Mountain, Free-ride, Piste, Slalom skis. This is the latest equipment for every terrain, designed to allow you to push yourself and have an amazing experience in the snow.

SkiSet has an additional perk where you can change your skis mid-week too. Let’s say it’s blue skies and sunshine when you arrive in resort, you’ll be wanting a good pair of piste skis… However, if you are lucky enough for there to be a big snow fall in resort, you may want to swap to a wider pair of skis for off-piste skiing. You can just pop into the shop and change skis free of charge.

Ability levels: Higher Intermediate – Advanced (If you’ve skied 1-2 weeks already)
Best for: Skiers who know what they want. Pick the ski to suit your style


Excellence Ski Pack with Skibro



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