Flat light: 4 tips to master skiing in a whiteout – Video


Have you just woken up to a white out?

Don’t stress, just check out the four tips below from Val d’Isere and Courchevel based ski instructor Lara D. Soon, you’ll breeze through the fog like it was a bluebird and enjoy skiing no matter the weather!

As Lara says, if you can practice skiing well on bad-weather days then you’ll really ski like a pro when the sun is shining!


How to ski in flat light:

Tip 1: Use rotation to control your speed.

Concentrate on rotating your skis and pushing the snow away like you were spreading butter on to a piece of toast. This will generate a good amount of friction and allow you to control your speed.


Tip 2: Stay perpendicular to the slope.

Often in bad visibility people have a tendency to lean backwards, which is actually the opposite of what you want to be doing. Instead of leaning backwards keep your body at a 90-degree angle to the slope, no matter the slope angle. Leaning forward like this will keep your skis from slipping out from under you.


Tip 3: Keep your core strong and your legs loose.

Pretend that you’ve just been punched in the stomach, that tight solid core will help keep you stable. At the same time keep your legs loose and free to they can react quickly to any changes in terrain you might not see coming.


Tip 4: Use all available visible cues.

Piste poles, ski lift pylons, trees, piste marker signs, rocks – all of these can be used to keep yourself oriented as well as help you to judge the steepness of the slope you’re on.

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