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English ski lessons! Choose from Zermatt’s best ski schools and private ski instructors - book online & learn to ski. Best price guaranteed!

Zermatt is truly a mountain resort characterised by superlatives, starting at the top. The Matterhorn which overlooks the ski area is perhaps the world's most instantly-recognisable mountain- it's almost impossible not to stare at it incessantly for first-time, or even seasoned visitors. The village itself is chocolate-box pretty, free of cars and inescapably expensive.  It is truly a one-of a kind resort and should be on every skier and snowboarder's bucket list.   Linking up with Cervinia over the border in Italy, the skiing in Zermatt is tremendously varied, not unlike the views... Without exception, which ever way you look you are surrounded by staggering 4000m+ peaks. The Klein Matterhorn cable car - topping out at 3883m takes you almost that high, and the pistes that descend both sides of the border offer seemingly endless descents that make the thighs scream and the heart sing. The vast peaks also make Zermatt something of a paradise for off piste skiers and snowboarders and ski-tourers alike- it's the end point of the world-famous Haute Route tour linking Zermatt with Verbier and Chamonix.   Located 230km of roads away from Geneva Airport by car, the pavement all but stops on the drive up to Zermatt, and that’s because there are no cars here. They don’t brand it as a ‘car-free’ resort like Avoriaz is, but instead, it’s an internal combustion engine free one, wWhich means that little electric vehicles hum around the streets alongside horse-drawn carriages.   It also means that a train-transfer from Geneva airport can be uber-convenient, which will deliver you right into the town. Zermatt is world-famous, not only for its skiing and landscape (just look up to see the Matterhorn), but also for the quality of the services it offers. There are a variety of accommodation options from self-catered apartments to big hotels, and just as many apres-ski and dining options. Zermatt is one of the few resorts that offers skiing 365 days of the year on top of its glacier, and as such, the town has the capacity and capability to service that year-round crowd. Skiers and boarders the world over make the journey here to ski the glacier, as well as the huge 2 kilometre vertical descent. Skiing in Zermatt is not without its challenges however. The various parts of the ski area don't necessarily link up easily and the public transport system takes a while to get your head around. Much of the off-piste terrain is glaciated and not obviously accessible to the newcomer. For these reasons, it's an excellent idea to enlist a local instructor or guide to help you discover the very best of this remarkable ski area. The good news is that Zermatt is home to some excellent best instructors, ski schools and mountain guides and SkiBro brings together the very best to compare and book instantly in one place.   Zermatt highlights: Year-round glacier skiing, a car-free centre, dramatic landscape, and a host of dining and accommodation options make Zermatt one of those resorts that does it all. Staying here isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking for all the resort offers, then it’s well worth it.   Zermatt is best for: Intermediate and expert skiers who aren’t prepared to compromise on the quality of skiing or the quality of the resort, no matter the cost. Zermatt is a beautiful, welcoming, lively town, and the skiing above is second-to-none. From the lifts to the pistes to the powder, Zermatt has it all in spades.    


Ski and Snowboard Guide to Zermatt:

In just three lits, you can climb over two kilometres. How many resorts can say that? Not many. The gondola out of town will take you to Furi, and from there you can catch another up to Trockener Steg at 2,939m. One more and you’re up on the glacier at 3,883m. And if that’s not high enough, you can take a drag lift up to 3,899m. At this height, skiing is assured year-round, and you can find a dedicated few doing laps even at the height of summer.   For everyone else during the winter, Zermatt is always prepared to show visitors that it isn’t a one-trick pony. You could split the Zermatt side of this shared ski area into four sections. The first leads up to Rothhorn at 3,103m, and offers a mixture of terrain. There is a blue up here, but no blue leading all the way down, and as such, this section isn’t suitable for beginners who don’t want to take the gondola back down. For those who are happy to ski, you’ll find blacks and reds sweeping down the valley, as well as marked freeride terrain which cuts up over the spine and drops steeply down towards a mid-station.   The next area sits under the Stockhorn peak at 3,532m, and once again, isn’t really suitable for beginners. There’s not even a marked piste up here, and the top lift will spit you out into a dedicated freeride area. Music to a lot of ears, I’m sure. From the top of the Hohtalli peak, however, things get more civilised with some challenging reds heading back towards town.   Under the Gornergrat peak, you’ll find the top stop of the funicular railway that delivers skiers up the mountain. There are lifts if you’d prefer. This is where you’ll find the bulk of Zermatt’s beginner-friendly area, with some lovely blues circling down towards the mid-station. There’s also a dedicated slow slope here. The only one on the mountain.   Lastly, up towards the glacier. You’ll find reds and freeride terrain snaking down, and will be able to ride the entire 2km vertical all the way back to town through a series of long, sweeping reds.   All that’s left, then, is Cervinia, which offers up a whole lot more terrain on its own and is well worth exploring in its own right.   First-time and beginner skiers: You’ll find some beginner slopes just under Sunnegga, as well as under Gornergrat. However, unless you’re prepared to learn quickly, you’ll likely not see much else of the mountain.   Intermediate skiers: Intermediates will have more luck, and will find all of Zermatt’s terrain accessible, if not demanding. From snaking reds to freeride sections, intermediates will have lots of fun and learn to push boundaries they didn’t know they had.   Expert skiers: Experts will get the most out of Zermatt, drinking in the high-altitude air and leaping down perilous powder slopes. The freeride sections here are legendary, and if you’re in this category of skier, you don’t need us to tell you what Zermatt has in store for you. Epic lines, epic runs, and an epic trip to look back on. Zermatt will become your canvas and, with the right guide, you’ll be painting lines all over it.  Do keep in mind that much of the off-piste here is on glaciated terrain and comes with the associated risks.

Learn to ski and snowboard in Zermatt

Ski School Group Lessons and Private Ski and Snowboard Instructors in Zermatt:

Enjoy peace of mind by booking your ski and snowboard lessons through SkiBro with our best-price guarantee; free and easy cancellation; a huge choice of fully-certified ski schools and instructors; online booking system and fantastic customer support team. Whether you're after children's group ski lessons, teen group ski lessons, adult group ski lessons, beginner ski lessons, off-piste clinics, group snowboard lessons, private ski lessons or anything in between - SkiBro has the perfect ski instructor or group ski lesson for you in Zermatt!  

Children’s Group Ski Lessons Zermatt

From a three-year-old’s the first steps on snow in the children’s snow garden to teenagers confidently crushing black runs and getting in to the snowpark you’ll find ski lessons for children of all ages and ability in Zermatt (which can come in handy when you suddenly realise your kids have become better skiers than you!).  We’re probably (more than) a bit biased but at SkiBro we think that properly laying the foundation for a lifetime on the slopes - free of bad habits - is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children. SkiBro’s partner ski schools and instructors are all fully certified and have years of experience providing kids’ ski lessons that focus not only on technical instruction but also fun and safety.   Children’s ski lessons tend to book up very quickly during peak school holiday periods like half-term and christmas break, so make sure to book early during these times to avoid disappointment.  

Adult Group Ski Lessons Zermatt

Did you know that nearly a third of all group ski lessons are beginner adult group lessons? It sounds surprising but group ski lessons are a great way to learn to ski; surrounded by other people of a similar age and ability level who are also trying something new. Group lessons are also great for progressing from a beginner skier to a more independent intermediate.  With quality coaching for a few hours each day you can spend your mornings working on your technique before grabbing a bite to eat and explore everything the mountain has to offer with your friends and family in the afternoons.  

Private Ski Lessons Zermatt

Private instruction is just that – a ski instructor solely devoted to you (and any friends or family you choose to invite) for a given period of time.  These lessons are offered both by formal ski and snowboard schools as well as by freelance instructors – certified independent instructors working for themselves or in loose collectives.   A private ski instructor in Zermatt can offer you a level of flexibility and individual attention beyond what group lessons can.  For some people one short, intensive, session with a private instructor will teach them more than they’d get from a full week of group lessons.    For many people, however, the inverse would be true and the repetition and additional practice in group lessons is invaluable.  

Off-Piste Guiding Zermatt

Considered by those who get into it as skiing in its purest (and most fun!) form, freeride (also known as off piste or backcountry) skiing is the pursuit of skiing all over the mountain, unrestricted by the edge of the piste in a variety of snow conditions.  A good day’s freeride skiing might involve long descents down wide open mountain faces, steep couloirs and adventures through the trees, far away from the crowded pistes. In addition to private ski instructors and mountain guides you can sometimes find camps and courses designed to give upper-intermediate skiers their first taste of off-piste delights in Zermatt. Be careful though, the white powder can be quite addictive.  

Snowboard Lessons Zermatt

From ‘never-evers’ to semi-pros you’ll find a snowboard lesson in Zermatt designed to take you riding to the next level.  If you’re thinking small, think big. And if you’re thinking big- think bigger! If you’re new to a resort or even if you’re returning to an old favourite, a top snowboard instructor or group snowboard lessons will help you unlock local secrets of the area that you’ll wish you knew about years ago! Flatland tricks, jibbing, carving trenches, slaying powder – stop being a slave to your snowboard and learn to master it!