The ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio seen nestled in a valley of trees from the ski slopes above

Madonna di Campiglio Ski Lessons & Snowboard Lessons

Learn to ski and snowboard in Madonna di Campiglio

The ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio seen nestled in a valley of trees from the ski slopes above

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About Madonna di Campiglio:

Located in the Dolomites to the north-east of Venice, visitors are going to find it easier to fly into Innsbruck in Austria and making the trip down. Like all Dolomites resorts, its a lengthier transfer than if you were heading to an Alpine resort, but the payoff is in the setting, the scenery, and the altogether more laid-back feel.   Madonna di Campiglio is 225km and a 3 and a half-hour transfer from Innsbruck, and is part of the Skirama Dolomiti Adamello-Brenta Ski Area, a series of linked Italian towns all hovering around the 1,500m mark.   Madonna di Campiglio isn’t very well known to holidaymakers, but is well worth checking out if you want something more ‘authentic’. It’s one of the rare Italian resorts mostly frequented by domestic visitors — that being Italians.   After the second world war, the resort went into decline following a decrease in the number of visitors frequenting the mountains and a lack of job opportunities in the wake of the conflicts. As such, a big effort was made to expand the skiing facilities and over the course of the last sixty years, Madonna di Campiglio has now become one of the best ski resorts in the Dolomites, at least in terms of facilities.   Because the vast majority of residents here work in the tourism industry — either in hospitality or as part of the resort — there’s a big emphasis on attracting visitors, which means that there are a lot more chairs and gondolas here than in most, and buttons and drags are fewer and further between than you’d be treated to at a Dolomite resort.   And with a decent vertical, a good lift network to transfer skiers from one linked resort to the next, as well as a very lively nightlife and great food, Madonna di Campiglio is right up there alongside Cortina and Courmayeur in terms of what it has on offer.   Madonna di Campiglio highlights: Authentic Italian feel, a great sized ski area with a large vertical for the Dolomites, and plenty of apres and dining options.   Madonna di Campiglio is best for: Those looking to get away from the touristy feel of the Alps or the other big Dolomites resorts, but still demand the sort of infrastructure that they offer.    


Ski and Snowboard Guide to Madonna di Campiglio:

The Dolomites are, for the most par, not as high as the Alps, but they still attract a lot of snow. However, you’re not quite as likely to get great conditions early or late season, but that shouldn’t put you off planning a trip from January to March. Madonna di Campiglio is a good choice for snow surety though, and boasts a good snow record, especially for the Dolomites, utilising a lot of lifts above the snow-sure 2,000m level, as well as having good snowmaking facilities.   Skiers and riders will have a choice of no less than five gondolas out of the town. They’re all numbered for easy reference, and each offers its own set of distinct terrain and runs. If you take the 31 on the south side of the town, you’ll be taken up to the Pradalago bar and restaurant, which gives access to a steep and long black that feeds into blues, or a sweeping blue that links you to one of the more beginner-focused areas and a mini-snowpark. If you’re looking to hone your skills on either piste or park, then this is a good choice. Taking the tree-lined runs back towards town is great fun at the end of the day too, though be aware that the blues here will sweep you back down to Campo Carlo Magno, not Madonna di Campiglio. Though there are some gentle blues that will take you back to the main town, so it’s not really an issue.   Also worth noting is the Folgarida and Marilleva ski areas. From the top of the Pradalago, you’ll want to bear left and take the number 50 blue down to the 34 chair, take that back to the top of the snowpark, and then hop on the 49, bearing left again where you can. This will push you down towards the next ski area, where the number 6 chair will take you to Monte Vigo, and give you full access to these new areas. This is the only lift link, though, and only two chairs service this peak — the number 7 and the number 5. So while this is technically linked, don’t head down towards Folgarida too late in the afternoon as if you miss the links, it’s a lengthy bus-ride back around the mountain. Though it’s a great area with some wonderfully long and interesting runs, access to another snowpark, as well as to the very pretty Marilleva 1400, which is perfect for a spot of afternoon lunch if you’re prepared to make the pilgrimage.   Back in Madonna, heading up the number 37 Gondola will take you to Monte Spinale at 2101m, and give you access to a bobsled run, as well as to some twisting blacks. This makes this a little more suited to the advanced skier, though there is a blue run — number 71 — that takes you over towards Vagliana and connects you to the number 48 chair, which you’ll need to catch if you want to get up to Passo Groste and the snowpark on offer up there. Alternatively, you can ski down from Monte Spinale towards Campo Carlo Magno, follow signs for Groste and then jump on the number 45 gondola which is a single gondola all the way to the top.   From the centre of town, it’s worth taking the number 55 gondola up toward Cinque Laghi and enjoying the curving blues and reds that start from there. This is perfect for the intermediate skier or boarder and you’ll be treated to tree-lined runs with an uninterrupted view of the Val Brenta wall across the valley, where several 3,000m peaks lance into the ski, complete with the famous pink Dolomite stone to feast your eyes upon. If you drop down from Cinque Laghi, you’ll find yourself at the Patascoss mid-station, where you can catch the number 57 chair back up to the very top of Monte Pancuglo. This is a great spot as it allows you to either ski back to Madonna di Campiglio or sweep down into the bowl and link up to Campo Carlo Magno again.   To the north, the number 71 gondola (not to be confused with the 72, which goes from the same place and takes you back up to Patascoss) will carry you into the mountains above S. Antonio di Mavignola, which is part of the Pinzolo ski area. You’ll find another snowpark off the top of the 69 chair, the only one you can take from the top of the gondolas, and will have the chance to explore that area through a good lift network. Though bear in mind that to get back to Madonna di Camiglio, you’ll need to head down the 112 from the top of the 68 chair, and then jump back on the 70 and 71 gondolas to get back to town. There is an unmarked black that winds through the trees, but if you manage to miss the 71 connection, you’ll be hiking, so make sure to scout the area thoroughly if you’re doing this.   The whole linked area offers 380km of downhill with 319 groomed runs, all serviced by a whopping 150 lifts. It’s worth exploring everything if you’re competent, as each resort has something slightly different.       First-time and beginner skiers: On the Monte Spinale side of town, gentle blue runs double as nursery slopes, and a little further up, next to Camp Carlo Magno you’ll find a nursery slope with a button. There are no dedicated greens here, but the blues accessible off the top of the 56 gondola or 32 chair are best for beginners, and are well worth the trip up.   Intermediate skiers: Intermediates are spoilt for choice, though the terrain off the 55 gondola is fun and varied, and should be your first stop. After conquering that, head across town and up towards Passo Groste to sample everything the mountain has to offer, including the snow park and the number 60-66 blue, which has the longest vertical in Madonna.   Expert skiers: Expert skiers will want to make a beeline for Pass Groste to get the most out of the vertical, as well as sample the best off-piste. This side of the valley is littered with great runs, though the terrain down from Monte Pancugolo is also worth the trip up. When conditions permit, finding lines down from Monte Spinale through the thick forests is all great fun, and will spit you out in the town, no matter what heading you take.  

Learn to ski and snowboard in Madonna di Campiglio

Ski School Group Lessons and Private Ski and Snowboard Instructors in Madonna di Campiglio:

Enjoy peace of mind by booking your ski and snowboard lessons through SkiBro with our best-price guarantee; free and easy cancellation; a huge choice of fully-certified ski schools and instructors; online booking system and fantastic customer support team. Whether you're after children's group ski lessons, teen group ski lessons, adult group ski lessons, beginner ski lessons, off-piste clinics, group snowboard lessons, private ski lessons or anything in between - SkiBro has the perfect ski instructor or group ski lesson for you in Madonna di Campiglio!  

Children’s Group Ski Lessons Madonna di Campiglio

From a three-year-old’s the first steps on snow in the children’s snow garden to teenagers confidently crushing black runs and getting in to the snowpark you’ll find ski lessons for children of all ages and ability in Madonna di Campiglio (which can come in handy when you suddenly realise your kids have become better skiers than you!). We’re probably (more than) a bit biased but at SkiBro we think that properly laying the foundation for a lifetime on the slopes - free of bad habits - is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children. SkiBro’s partner ski schools and instructors are all fully certified and have years of experience providing kids’ ski lessons that focus not only on technical instruction but also fun and safety. Children’s ski lessons tend to book up very quickly during peak school holiday periods like half-term and christmas break, so make sure to book early during these times to avoid disappointment.  

Adult Group Ski Lessons Madonna di Campiglio

Did you know that nearly a third of all group ski lessons are beginner adult group lessons? It sounds surprising but group ski lessons are a great way to learn to ski; surrounded by other people of a similar age and ability level who are also trying something new. Group lessons are also great for progressing from a beginner skier to a more independent intermediate.  With quality coaching for a few hours each day you can spend your mornings working on your technique before grabbing a bite to eat and explore everything the mountain has to offer with your friends and family in the afternoons.  

Private Ski Lessons Madonna di Campiglio

Private instruction is just that – a ski instructor solely devoted to you (and any friends or family you choose to invite) for a given period of time. These lessons are offered both by formal ski and snowboard schools as well as by freelance instructors – certified independent instructors working for themselves or in loose collectives. A private ski instructor in Madonna di Campiglio can offer you a level of flexibility and individual attention beyond what group lessons can.  For some people one short, intensive, session with a private instructor will teach them more than they’d get from a full week of group lessons. For many people, however, the inverse would be true and the repetition and additional practice in group lessons is invaluable.  

Off-Piste Guiding Madonna di Campiglio

Considered by those who get into it as skiing in its purest (and most fun!) form, freeride (also known as off piste or backcountry) skiing is the pursuit of skiing all over the mountain, unrestricted by the edge of the piste in a variety of snow conditions. A good day’s freeride skiing might involve long descents down wide open mountain faces, steep couloirs and adventures through the trees, far away from the crowded pistes. In addition to private ski instructors and mountain guides you can sometimes find camps and courses designed to give upper-intermediate skiers their first taste of off-piste delights in Madonna di Campiglio. Be careful though, the white powder can be quite addictive.  

Snowboard Lessons Madonna di Campiglio

From ‘never-evers’ to semi-pros you’ll find a snowboard lesson in Madonna di Campiglio designed to take you riding to the next level.  If you’re thinking small, think big. And if you’re thinking big- think bigger! If you’re new to a resort or even if you’re returning to an old favourite, a top snowboard instructor or group snowboard lessons will help you unlock local secrets of the area that you’ll wish you knew about years ago! Flatland tricks, jibbing, carving trenches, slaying powder – stop being a slave to your snowboard and learn to master it!