The village of Bormio nestled in between immense snow-covered mountains and ski slopes

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Learn to ski and snowboard in Bormio

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The village of Bormio nestled in between immense snow-covered mountains and ski slopes
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English ski lessons! Choose from Bormio’s best ski schools and private ski instructors - book online & learn to ski. Best price guaranteed!

Bormio Resort Guide

Located in the Italian alps near the Swiss border, Bormio is most easily reached from Milan airport. The 221km transfer takes around 3 hours, though if it’s easier, flying into Innsbruck is possible, with the 217km transfer taking around 3 and a half.  

Bormio, like Livigno which resides just a few valleys over, is off the beaten track in skiing terms, but is well worth visiting. The lengthy transfer makes it more popular with locals than tourists, which means that prices stay relatively low in comparison to the large tourist-fuelled Italian resorts like Cortina.  

Bormio was a popular destination long before people began skiing here, however, with the thermal baths attracting visitors as ancient as the Romans. The baths are renowned for their curative and rejuvenating properties and have been a focal point of the town’s development, allowing skiers and hikers to rest their sore legs in the steaming waters, which provides a somewhat unique experience.  

To go with this fantastic combination, visitors will also enjoy the depth and beauty of the architecture here. Many of the buildings are decorated with frescos and murals. Other notable constructions include the S. Vitale Church, the Alberti Tower, and the Hour Tower, as well as the De Simoni Palace. But don’t worry, as, alongside the historical buildings here, there have been many modern developments too, all in-keeping with the same picturesque mountain style.  

Those staying in Bormio will find a host of accommodation options, as well as many dining and apres venues, including several larger bars and clubs. There are also attractions to suit those not wishing to partake in nightlife, including two museums and a cinema which screens the latest movies.  

Bormio highlights: Rich history and natural thermal baths make Bormio a very interesting and lively town that has a unique offering. Combined with a great skiing infrastructure and energetic apres, Bormio is well suited to those looking for a ski break which has as much to offer off the mountain as it does on.  

Bormio is best for: Adult groups or families who want to enjoy the town as much as the skiing.  

Ski and Snowboard Guide to Bormio:

Bormio’s vertical drop is one of the longest in Italy. The 1775m descent is beaten only by Cortina and Alagna. For such a modestly sized resort, that’s quite remarkable. From the town, skiers can take two gondolas up to the peak, and then ski uninterrupted for 14km all the way to the base! This is the longest route, but even switching it up and taking some of the reds and blues you missed the first time won’t shorten it that much.  

Beginners will learn on the mountain, with the nursery areas built around the mid-station. This is where you’ll find the blue runs, too, though those skiing for the first time will find it difficult to access some of them, as the ones above the mid-station require skiers to tackle red sections before reaching them. The same applies for the back-to-town run. A red needs to be taken to reach the start of the blue that sweeps back down to Bormio. As such, despite its impressive figures, Bormio may not be the best place for first-timers. Though there’s still fun to be had if skiing isn’t the top priority.  

Intermediates and advanced riders will no doubt make the most of the network of trails above the treeline, and will likely find themselves staying above the mid-station until the afternoons. There are only a few runs below that point, and staying higher will give access to not only the best and most exciting slopes, but also to the three snowparks built here.  

If you find Bormio too small for you (which is likely for the advanced skiers) you can always grab the Alta Valtellina area pass and head over to Livigno for some more fun. Though there is no lift link and the transfer is reasonably lengthy if you don’t have your own mode of transport.   Bormio offers 39km of runs spread over a variety of terrain to suit all abilities, served by 15 fast and efficient lifts.  

Bormio for First-time and beginner skiers: First timers and beginners can utilise the baby slope at the foot of the mountain, or head up to the mid-station to enjoy the small network of blues found there. Up higher is where you’ll find better snow, but if beginners want to get any more out of the mountain, they’ll need to learn quickly, as many of the blue slopes are locked off by red sections.  

Bormio for Intermediate skiers: Intermediates will have the most fun, as all of the mountain can be handled on reds. From high, bare skiing to tight tree-lined runs, Bormio squeezes a lot into its modest ski area, and there’s lots of excitement to be found both on and off-piste, with the altitude here guaranteeing good powder off the high lifts.  

Bormio for Expert skiers: Experts will likely want to tackle some off-piste, though be aware of the fall lines as its easy to head downhill below the treeline and find yourself a long walk from Bormio. In terms of steep descents, the peak offers some of the best in Italy. A willingness to hike will also open up a variety of untracked terrain, and is recommended.

Learn to ski and snowboard in Bormio

Ski School Group Lessons and Private Ski and Snowboard Instructors in Bormio:

Enjoy peace of mind by booking your ski and snowboard lessons through SkiBro with our best-price guarantee; free and easy cancellation; a huge choice of fully-certified ski schools and instructors; online booking system and fantastic customer support team. Whether you're after children's group ski lessons, teen group ski lessons, adult group ski lessons, beginner ski lessons, off-piste clinics, group snowboard lessons, private ski lessons or anything in between - SkiBro has the perfect ski instructor or group ski lesson for you in Bormio!  

What kind of ski lessons are available in Bormio?

Children’s Group Ski Lessons Bormio

From a three-year-old’s the first steps on snow in the children’s snow garden to teenagers confidently crushing black runs and getting in to the snowpark you’ll find ski lessons for children of all ages and ability in Bormio (which can come in handy when you suddenly realise your kids have become better skiers than you!).  We’re probably (more than) a bit biased but at SkiBro we think that properly laying the foundation for a lifetime on the slopes - free of bad habits - is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children. SkiBro’s partner ski schools and instructors are all fully certified and have years of experience providing kids’ ski lessons that focus not only on technical instruction but also fun and safety.   Children’s ski lessons tend to book up very quickly during peak school holiday periods like half-term and christmas break, so make sure to book early during these times to avoid disappointment.  

Adult Group Ski Lessons Bormio

Did you know that nearly a third of all group ski lessons are beginner adult group lessons? It sounds surprising but group ski lessons are a great way to learn to ski; surrounded by other people of a similar age and ability level who are also trying something new. Group lessons are also great for progressing from a beginner skier to a more independent intermediate.  With quality coaching for a few hours each day you can spend your mornings working on your technique before grabbing a bite to eat and explore everything the mountain has to offer with your friends and family in the afternoons.  

Private Ski Lessons Bormio

Private instruction is just that – a ski instructor solely devoted to you (and any friends or family you choose to invite) for a given period of time.  These lessons are offered both by formal ski and snowboard schools as well as by freelance instructors – certified independent instructors working for themselves or in loose collectives.   A private ski instructor in Bormio can offer you a level of flexibility and individual attention beyond what group lessons can.  For some people one short, intensive, session with a private instructor will teach them more than they’d get from a full week of group lessons.    For many people, however, the inverse would be true and the repetition and additional practice in group lessons is invaluable.  

Off-Piste Guiding Bormio

Considered by those who get into it as skiing in its purest (and most fun!) form, freeride (also known as off piste or backcountry) skiing is the pursuit of skiing all over the mountain, unrestricted by the edge of the piste in a variety of snow conditions.  A good day’s freeride skiing might involve long descents down wide open mountain faces, steep couloirs and adventures through the trees, far away from the crowded pistes. In addition to private ski instructors and mountain guides you can sometimes find camps and courses designed to give upper-intermediate skiers their first taste of off-piste delights in Bormio. Be careful though, the white powder can be quite addictive.  

Snowboard Lessons Bormio

From ‘never-evers’ to semi-pros you’ll find a snowboard lesson in Bormio designed to take you riding to the next level.  If you’re thinking small, think big. And if you’re thinking big- think bigger! If you’re new to a resort or even if you’re returning to an old favourite, a top snowboard instructor or group snowboard lessons will help you unlock local secrets of the area that you’ll wish you knew about years ago! Flatland tricks, jibbing, carving trenches, slaying powder – stop being a slave to your snowboard and learn to master it!