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Pierre R

"Personalised skiing, snowboarding and mono skiing lessons, for all ages, all levels, also for the ‘disheartened’."

About Pierre R

"Pierre: world class ski instructor": Financial Times...

Personalised skiing, snowboarding and mono skiing lessons, for all ages, all levels, also for the ‘disheartened’.

Former examiner for the french École Nationale de Ski et d’Alpinisme, also within the ESF instructors, Pierre Raisson, technic creator and author of the first books about snowboarding and mono skiing.

Over time, analysing the common techniques of these different forms of snow sports imposed itself on him.
Ski, snowboard, monoski: "same combat" !
Transform your qualities, your quest for progression, your desires, your fears, sometimes visceral, understandably, then into HAPPINESS !

I think, so I slide.
Then again, is it necessary to know what to think.

Then we must first ski with our head, with intelligence as a support.

Know what you are doing on the snow and why you are doing so, even before it is done.. do you follow?

This way of teaching skiing, snowboarding and mono skiing, based on a high level of comprehension simplified from the unavoidable laws of physical, physiological and psychological anatomy, applied on snow sports. This method enriches your experience and stays the best path towards your success and pleasure on snow.
Thinking is one thing, acting is another.

One of the first tracks (the second, one thinks) of mono skiing in the 80s on the North face of the Mont Blanc, 4808 m..., including several firsts tracks snowboarding in 1993 on the East face of the “Pic du Communisme”, the highest sommet of Pamyr at 7495 m, to support his words, his books.

On slopes, off pistes, adults, children, beginners (he adores!), intermediate to confirmed, even desperate cases, alone or accompanied, for sure you will know where you are, why, and what doors are opened to you.

Understanding to learning, whatever the level, be "SMART SKIER", so “SKIER INTELLIGENT”: “what else?”.
Patience and assurance.
Humour and poetry, if affinities.
His happiness to him? Your progress!
Tout cela en français, in english, suficiente en español, Немного по-русски.


  • France - BEES ski alpin
  • Brevet d'Etat
  • Carte Professionnelle License

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