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Nick W

"3 Valleys aficionado with a personal and tailored approach"

About Nick W

I am proud to be one of the most highly qualified ski and snowboard instructors in Les Trois Vallees - fully certified in both disciplines.

Starting with school groups in Scotland, I then moved to Europe and in 1999 fulfilled my dream, to instruct in Aspen where I enjoyed teaching the rich and famous for 8 years. This is where I learnt the art of providing outstanding customer service, something I continue to deliver on a daily basis in Les Trois Vallees, the most magnificent ski area in the world and my home since 2007.

With 30 years of teaching experience under my belt, I know that no two skiers and riders are the same and my unique approach will provide you with a fully tailored lesson to meet your needs. I will quickly find the correct rhythm for you, confident that together we can develop your skiing and/or riding to another level.
My analogies and concepts are fun and easy to grasp and I can simplify the technical elements by making them a part of the adventure!


My wife snowboards, my daughters could stay in the family park all day long and my son spends his days skiing slalom gates very fast!
I understand that families and groups can be diverse and have different needs and abilities; my dual qualification on skis and board and personal experience can help your family or group to ski and snowboard together and have a holiday you will never forget! I am happy to instruct skiers while riding and boarders whilst on skis. If you have a mixed group, nobody loses out!
A private lesson enables you to be in control of your own bespoke programme.


  • Carte Professionnelle License
  • BASI level 4 ISTD
  • BASI level 4 ISTD

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