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Ian B

"Founder of the MetaSki System - a scientific approach to skiing"

About Ian B

Ian is a Scottish engineer who came to skiing as a young adult, speaks fluent French and has earned both the highest British qualification (BASI ISTD) and French equivalence (Diplome National Brevet d’Etat Ski Alpin). After training and teaching in several countries and seeing ski teaching through the experienced eyes of an engineer, Ian realised that all "national" teaching systems were uniformly fundamentally flawed.

Initially developed to handle a commercial mass market consisting of large groups of 12 beginners those systems remain permanently based upon seriously dysfunctional mechanics. Stand 12 people dead still in a snowplough and they can be handled - but they will be forever defensive. Tell them to “balance” and they will not dare move correctly - ever! Teach this way and you generate only problems that can never be untangled - entrapped by defensive emotions, reinforced by defensive, inappropriate movements.

Seeing people being significantly frightened, discouraged and injured by standard teaching Ian (at great personal cost) refused to use those methods any longer and started again from scratch to work out a genuine solution. This was the birth of the MetaSki System (1995) - a scientific approach to skiing that truly compliments body mechanics: It uses dynamics (opposite of balance) and skating (opposite of snowplough) as a base.

Freedom of movement also frees the mind from the tyranny of emotions and builds skill safely and amazingly rapidly - with no artificial limit to the level or potential application. The door spontaneously opens to skiing being a major Personal Development platform - in a stunning natural environment that very few alternatives can come close to.


  • BASI level 4 ISTD
  • BASI level 4 ISTD
  • BASI level 4 ISTD
  • BASI level 4 ISTD
  • Carte Professionnelle License

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