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Brice L

"Thanks to my technical and pedagogical skills, from beginners to adventurers, count on me to make your ski trip a fun and safe one"

About Brice L

Native of Les Arcs and put on skis since my youngest age by a father coach and alpine ski instructor, I continued my apprenticeship at Les Arcs Ski Club before I stopped to practice extreme skiing. (FWQ)
Later, I made the choice to privilege my higher studies because it seemed important to me to open myself to other horizons as the sport.

It must be said that I had the luxury of skiing when I wanted!
After working in the aerospace sector in Bordeaux, I decided to change course by returning to my first passion, skiing.
The outdoors, the speed, the snow, the mountain environment I missed terribly.
So I started my training at the National School of Ski and Mountaineering while providing instruction in a ski school.
In parallel, I founded a family and created a company to ensure a sustainable activity on the summer season.

The experience is rich but delays my involvement in obtaining my state diploma.
And finally came the year when I was able to free myself enough to win my medal!
Motivated by a high rate of re-booking and to the satisfaction of my customers, I realize today that it is time for me to work on my own.
It is certainly the opportunity to better meet the expectations of my customers.

Thus, for the non-experienced, I am committed to driving you on terrain adapted to your level for effective technique automation. In fact, progress is made with confidence.

As for serious skiers, on or off-piste, we will perform together skills and pure alpine skiing technique.
Obviously, I don't forget the future little champions with whom my playful pedagogy has already proven itself: confidence, self-esteem and fun are at the rendezvous!

And to finish, I add that it is essential for me to teach you the safety rules to apply in the mountains.


  • France - Diplôme d’Etat de ski-moniteur national

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