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Bernhard F

"Passing on this knowledge to others"

About Bernhard F

In the history of skiing and ski instruction around the Arlberg, members of the family Falch have left their mark and are well-known and recognized for their achievements. For generations they have participated in ski races and have passed on their knowledge and expertise as ski instructors nationally and internationally:
Franz and Robert Falch who coined the slogan “Skifahren heist Kniefahren” (On your skies means use your knees) were both very well-known and excellent ski instructors.

Bernard’s father Helmut Falch was private ski instructor of the Kennedy’s and is a 4-time gold medal winner.

Bernhard Falch (owner of Arlski) inherited the talent for skiing and the skill of passing on this knowledge to others. Having been a ski racer during childhood and in his early years, he subsequently gained international experience in ski instructions in the USA and New Zealand.

Being a nationally certified instructor with a wealth of experience, he is now found almost daily on the slopes of the Arlberg as an instructor, as a ski guide of ski tours or heliskiing in the backcountry.


  • Staatlicher Skilehrer
  • Staatlicher Skilehrer mit Skiführer

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