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The SkiBro Story

SkiBro was founded in 2016 by Kieran O'Keeffe, Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet and Deborah Collins. We're based in Val d'Isere, France.


The best part of any skiing holiday should be the skiing. For many of us, the services of a professional instructor or guide is the best way to get the very most from our time in the mountains. Too often however, the process of finding and booking an instructor is something of a lottery: time-consuming, confusing and at the end of it all you're assigned whoever is available, rather than someone you've chosen or that is particularly suited to your needs.

This state of affairs inspired us to create SkiBro, an online platform and app which allows skiers and snowboarders to choose their perfect instructor, as defined by their requirements and objectives, detailed instructor bios including profile videos & real-time customer reviews, and then book lessons in a few clicks.

Similarly, many instructors and guides are superheroes at doing what they do best- unlocking the magic of skiing & snowboarding for their clients and taking them on amazing adventures. But it can be feast or famine, with instructors' diaries overflowing in peak weeks and barren in quieter periods. With flexible pricing and a simple easy-to-use platform, SkiBro helps instructors fill their calendars all season, with the clients they are best at teaching.

With our unique app, skiers and snowboarders can browse and book instructors wherever they like, and using the in-app navigation, meet up easily wherever's convenient.

We're up and running in Val d'Isère & Tignes, which is our HQ and we'll be coming soon to a resort near you- stay close amigos and we'll see you on the hill!    

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