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Shane McConkey dressed as Saucer Boy jumps off cliff holding American flag

Skiing in the Age of Isolation

Covid-19 meant that ski season ended much sooner than any of us would have liked this year, but that’s no reason to stop you from skiing.  Here’s a round up of the best social distancing and quarantine skiing posts we’ve seen since the coronavirus lockdown started.  If we’ve missed your favourite post, let us know! …

inspirational powder skiing quote by delores lachappelle

Top 10 Inspirational Ski Quotes 🚀

Whether you’re getting yourself ramped-up for your next ski and snowboard holiday or you’re just trying to escape the doldrums of your work day with a bit of ski-escapism, the following quotes are sure to get you in the mood for snow!   We’ve even made them Instagram and Pinterest friendly so that you can easily …


Top 10 Funny Ski Quotes 😂❄️

Look, we love skiing as much as anyone (and more than many), but if you came here looking for inspirational quotes like “Skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom” you’re in the wrong place.  Below you’ll some of our favourite snarky, tongue-in-cheek, stereotypical ski quotes, ones that poke fun at our favourite pastime in a …