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Live Snow Report

This week a high pressure system has settled in nicely over top of us here in the Alps. And that means warm temperatures and sunny skies all the way through Christmas Day.

If you’re a fan of the powder however, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for your Christmas presents this year.


Snow Forecast for the Week

The snowfall should start to arrive on Boxing Day. Cloud cover and snowfall will get thicker and heavier as the week goes on.

It looks like midweek temperatures will drop, getting fairly cold towards the end of the week when we expect to see the heaviest snowfalls.

Temperatures will get quite warm soon after the snowfall and that could affect the snowpack, so do make sure to stay up to date if you plan on going off-piste.

On north facing slopes there’s still some faceted snow near the surface which could be troublesome after the next snow falls or windy periods.

Despite the snowpack being generally more stable now than it was last week there are still some slabs out there currently including one at 2400 meters on a north-east facing slope that was observed to have broken off at a depth of about 60 centimeters.

You’ll need to watch out for steep north facing slopes as well as south facing slopes underneath two thousand two hundred meters, those are likely to be the major culprit for slides here early this week.

Our tip for the week is to talk to the Ski Patrollers; the snowpack is ever evolving and what’s true right now might not be true tomorrow. Who better to talk to than the people that live and breathe the mountain safety?


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Kene E.

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Kene E.

Originally from Canada, Kene had never been snowboarding before a holiday to Val d'Isere 12 years ago. He's literally lived there ever since.