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Hi guys, Kene from SkiBro here with your FlakeNews snow and weather forecast for the week of February 22nd. Despite some very warm temperatures lately, the snowpack at altitude is holding up pretty well. Behind me here is a video of Ben – our accounts guy here at SkiBro – enjoying some nice cold powder last week. If you’re wondering how deep the snow was, let’s just say that you don’t get 1, 2, 3 seconds of airtime and crash without injuring yourself unless the snow is pretty deep and pretty soft. There’s more snow on the way this week as well. To find out exactly what’s going to happen stay tuned to this week’s episode of flake News!

High pressure dominating the Alps this weekend makes it feel more like spring than winter as the sun shines and many resorts see the temperatures climb in to the double digits, although a few areas up North may see still some isolated showers. The first of several good-sized fronts this week arrives from the North on Monday, bringing precipitation to Switzerland and Austria. Skies will then clear on Tuesday before a second front brings snow to most of the Alps, with Austria and Northern Italy scooping up the heaviest snowfalls. Things in the East will clear up somewhat on Thursday, whilst light snowfall continues in the West, before the biggest front of the week moves in on Friday, bringing significant snowfalls for the Northwestern French Alps.

Coming in for a closer look we see things start off nice and sunny before it begins to cloud over in the Northeast. Snowfall for the Northeastern Alps begins in earnest as the temperatures drop a bit on Monday. The skies clear up in the Northeast on Tuesday, but isolated showers in the Northwest are possible. Wednesday is when the weather really starts to turn with good snowfalls, huge temperature drops, and increasing winds. The snowfall will be a bit more scattered on Thursday, but we’re still expecting strong Northerly winds at altitude. On Friday the snowfall will get heavier in areas, but the temperatures should rise somewhat.

The icons for the week paint a pretty clear picture. Here in the Western resorts the weekend will be largely springlike with lots of sun and warm temperatures, until the temperatures drop as snow arrives on Tuesday night. Resorts in the Eastern Alps will get a bit of precipitation early on in the week, although this may fall as rain due to the unseasonably mild temperatures. The skies clear up a bit on Tuesday, before the temperatures drop and the snowfall returns towards the end of the week.

The 5 day accumulated snowfall chart shows that snowfall this week will be pretty widespread across the Alps, although areas in the South won’t see nearly as much as their Northern counterparts. Still areas in the sweet spots like the Arlberg in Austria could see up to 70cm by the week’s end, while places in Northwestern France will get up to 45cm. To find out exactly what’s going to happen and where check out skibro.com/weather – you’ll find detailed forecasts for 250 resorts across the Alps. If you’re coming out to the Alps this weekend it’s going to be perfect ski-touring weather so why not book a guide on SkiBro.com, get away from the crowds and see what all the fuss is about. Before I go, don’t forget to tag your mates who need to see this forecast in the comments below, and give our Facebook page a like so you don’t miss next week’s forecast and all our ski tips videos. Until next week, enjoy the snow!

Kene E.

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Kene E.

Originally from Canada, Kene had never been snowboarding before a holiday to Val d'Isere 12 years ago. He's literally lived there ever since.