Top 10 Funny Ski Quotes 😂❄️

Look, we love skiing as much as anyone (and more than many), but if you came here looking for inspirational quotes like “Skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom” you’re in the wrong place.  Below you’ll some of our favourite snarky, tongue-in-cheek, stereotypical ski quotes, ones that poke fun at our favourite pastime in a …

ski touring, ski mountaineering people on its way in the Austrian/Swiss Alps
Advanced How To Intermediate Technique Tune-Up Tips and Tricks

New to ski touring? Check out these five fantastic tips – Video

Plentiful snow, wall-to-wall sunshine, nice warm days, and quieter slopes all combine to make for a great time to try ski touring. Whether you’re after a bit of adventure, like to keep fit, want to get away from it all, ski-touring (and split-boarding) is a wonderful change of pace. In this Ski-Touring instructional piece, we …

Doug Coombs-skiing in Valdez, Alaska

What is ‘Extreme Skiing’?

A Brief History Of Extreme Skiing Extreme skiing is what happens when you get away from the groomed runs and head for the steepest area you can find off-piste.  As opposed to ‘regular’ off-piste, extreme-skiing involves slope angles of at least 45-degrees or a good-sized cliff drop. If you’ve seen films by Matchstick Productions or …