Your New Instructor Portal: More control over the way you work with SkiBro

You asked, we listened.

More control over the way you work

Over the past few years we’ve been listening to – and writing down – every bit of instructor feedback you’ve given us.

We’ve been busy in the background, working on ways to make sure SkiBro meets all of your needs and makes your lives easier.

The first version of our SkiBro Provider Portal has just been released with a bunch of new features including Request to Book and more options to control your exact working preferences including prices, timings, and minimum booking requirements.

Whilst we’ve made a lot of improvements, we’d really appreciate even more of your feedback so we can get any other changes you need ready for winter 20/21.


New features

Request to Book

You now have the choice between using Instant Book and Request to Book.

Instant Book is the quickest and most hands-off way to accept bookings. Simply set your preferences (including all the new settings listed below) and any client who meets your requirements can instantly book one of your offered products.

Request to Book gives you even more control over the way you work. Before taking any bookings, clients will have to message you for approval. Only once you’ve approved them will their booking be accepted.

Instructors with Instant Book will get our instant book badge on their profile!


Minimum Booking Durations

Only want to take full-week bookings during busy periods? No problem, we’ve got you covered on both Instant Book and Request to Book.

We know how frustrating it can be to get small bookings that throw off the rest of your planner during peak weeks. On the other hand, during slow weeks even a couple of half days can be welcome.

That’s why you now have the ability to set the minimum days for your bookings on different weeks of the season, so you only get bookings that work best for you.

Availability Preferences

Feel like travelling? Only want to teach in certain resorts at certain times? Happy to serve half day lessons at home, but only want to take full days in a neighbouring resort? You can now quickly set up all these preferences, and more.

Custom Client Preferences

Stay in your comfort zone and make sure all your bookings are right for you by choosing the maximum number of people that you’d like to teach, and even their minimum and maximum ages.


Other New Features

  • Charge More for Extra Clients
  • Custom Start and End Times
  • New Simplified Booking View
  • Custom meeting points
  • And more!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the changes to your SkiBro Provider Portal for the 20/21 season.

Why not take this opportunity to log into your portal, update your availability for this winter and give us any feedback you have about the new system?

Together we can make this our best winter yet!


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