We’ve partnered with Les Petits Montagnards..!

We are excited to introduce our newest partner: Les Petits Montagnards!

One of the best ways we can become more of a sustainable skier, is by reusing equipment and outerwear, instead of purchasing new.

Who are Les Petits Montagnards?

Les Petits Montagnards is a family business from Haute Savoie, based in Annecy. Book your rental clothing and equipment online, and have it delivered straight to your accommodation in the resort! Talk about convenience!

Not only will you be saving the environment and reducing your carbon footprint, but you’ll also shed weight in your luggage and get to test different gear! What’s not to like?

What Can I rent?

– Ski clothing and accessories from 1 year old → adults

– Trekking and hiking equipment

– Bike packing equipment

– Equipment for camping

– Baby Carriers

Sounds awesome, how does it work?

  1. Select your package online
  2. Choose your dates
  3. Get it delivered straight to your hotel, home rental or place convenient to you!
  4. Enjoy your rentals!
  5. Return easily
  6. Repeat on your next ski trip!

5 reasons to rent with Les Petits Montagnards:

  1. Travel lighter! Luggage is expensive, and those extra kgs add up FAST. Avoid lugging around extra luggage at the airport, and rent your clothing and gear!
  2. Whenever you’ve forgotten an essential item OR the airline loses your luggage, Les Petits Montagnards will save the day.
  3. Test out different brands, and styles of outerwear, without committing to purchasing it! How many times have you bought a new outfit, only to discover that it’s just ‘not quite right’ or something ‘better’ comes out the following year?
  4. If you have kids, you know how quickly they grow out of ski gear. Save money and reduce waste!
  5. No more queuing in rental shops! We love that you can arrange for the package to arrive straight to your accommodation, meaning more time for skiing!

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