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Some light flurries in the Northern French Alps will move Eastward through Switzerland and Austria on Saturday.  High pressure building from the West in the wake of this small system will then clear the skies, before another weak front from the North brings the odd flurry to the Northern flank of the Alps on Monday.  Dry and settled weather with loads of sunshine is then expected to persist across the Alps for most of the week, although some mist and valley fog may appear in the mornings and some areas may see very isolated showers mid-week.

Temperatures are expected to drop over the weekend as the building high pressure system draws down cold air from the North.  With mainly clear skies through the week you can expect pleasant days and very cool nights.

Looking at the icons for the week we those generally warm sunny days across most of the Alps, contrasted with very cold nights as the lack of cloud cover allows any warmth built up during the day to radiate upwards.  This is great news for the snowpack as it will get a good chance to refreeze and consolidate each night as the temperatures drop and the moisture gets drawn out. Just like last week that means the pistes will stay in great shape all the way till the end of the day, even with the warm temperatures and sunshine.  It also means that, despite a lack of snow in the last few weeks, there’s still some powder waiting to be found – although you’ll have to walk further and further to get it…

Looking at the accumulated snowfall chart we see a couple of cm falling this weekend and that’s pretty much all we’ll see all week…  So, when’s the next big snowfall coming? Let’s check out our interactive weather map to find out.

Head to skibro.com/weather and click on ‘interactive map’ the default view you’ll get is the next three days’ snowfall.  You’ll notice in the bottom you have the option to toggle to 5 days, which you’ll notice does nothing as we’ve already seen there’s no snow coming this week.  To get a longer-range view of things to come click on ‘new snow’ to open the options menu. Scroll down until you see ‘forecast model’ and change from Icon to GFS which is a rougher forecast model but offers a longer range view.  Close that panel and go click on 10 days and… boom! Things are looking much healthier! This forecast model is a bit rough around the edges but still, things look promising for next week with up to 50cm potentially on the cards.

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Kene E.

Originally from Canada, Kene had never been snowboarding before a holiday to Val d'Isere 12 years ago. He's literally lived there ever since.