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Hi guys, it’s Kene from SkiBro here with your Flake News snow and weather forecast for the Week of February 29th, and I’ve got some good news! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, winter is back! We rode the beautiful powder lines you see behind me just a few hours before I recorded this show on Friday, and if you’re the kind of person who prefers fresh snow to sunshine, well, stay tuned, because this week’s forecast is all about the pow!

The skies will begin to cloud over on Saturday in advance of a front from the West which will drive snow flurries across much of the Alps, on Sunday. Some snowfall will linger in the French Alps during Monday, but on Tuesday a more significant low-pressure system looks to move up from the Med in a retour d’Est phenomenon bringing snow to most of the Italian Alps, along with parts of the Southern French Alps and good portions of Austria. This system shifts to push Eastward out of Austria on Thursday, but many parts of the Alps will benefit from good snowfall accumulations before it does. Isolated regions will see some glimpses of sunshine mid-week, and skies across the Alps will clear up on Thursday night in advance of what looks like something big coming in off the Atlantic ahead of next weekend.

On the whole, after a mild Saturday, temperatures this week should be dropping down to their historical seasonal averages with the exception of some parts of Italy and the Southern half of the Austrian Alps which will be affected by some warm Southerly winds.

As we see in our detailed view the theme of the week is cloudy skies and regular snowfalls, with a number of different fronts moving through the Alps over the course of the coming week. The best news is that, in general – with the exception of the Southern areas most affected by that midweek storm – winds look to be relatively mild all week long.

The icons tell a similar tale with cloud cover present for much of the week. Areas in the North and the West will see the coldest temperatures this week, but things will still be fairly pleasant. Regions in the Southeast will be warmer than ideal due to a Southeasterly airflow, which may raise the rain/snow limit to hover around resort level in some areas. Don’t be surprised to see a bit of midweek sun here and there, despite what the icons are showing.

So, finishing off on the 5 day accumulated snowfall chart, we see that most of the Alps will enjoy multiple snowfalls throughout the week this week, and along with the temperatures and mild winds, this should be good for the snowpack. Of course, if you haven’t been following the evolution of the snowpack throughout the season, you should only ski off-piste with someone who has so head over to SkiBro.com to book yourself a professional guide or instructor in hundreds of resorts across the Alps. You can also head over to SkiBro.com/weather to check out a detailed 7-day forecast of your favourite resort, but before you do, don’t forget to tag your mates below to let them know what you’ll all be skiing this week (or to rub in the fact that they’ll be missing out). Also, make sure to give us a like on Facebook so you don’t miss our regular updates. Until next week, enjoy the snow!

Kene E.

Written by

Kene E.

Originally from Canada, Kene had never been snowboarding before a holiday to Val d'Isere 12 years ago. He's literally lived there ever since.