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Last-minute ski holiday swaps

As France has effectively banned British holidaymakers, and Austria has tightened up entry requirements, a lot of determined skiers are making last-minute swaps to new destinations where the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. Rest assured, if you want to go skiing this winter, it’s definitely possible, no matter what kind of holiday tickles your …

austrian ski resort emoji quiz

Austrian Ski Resort Emoji Quiz

To celebrate Austrian ski resorts opening up, we’ve prepared this emoji quiz of well-known Austrian resorts.  How many can you name? To see the answers, scroll down.                           Answers Saint Anton = saint + ant + on Kitzbuhel = cats + bull Axamer Lizum = axe …

Shane McConkey dressed as Saucer Boy jumps off cliff holding American flag

Skiing in the Age of Isolation

Covid-19 meant that ski season ended much sooner than any of us would have liked this year, but that’s no reason to stop you from skiing.  Here’s a round up of the best social distancing and quarantine skiing posts we’ve seen since the coronavirus lockdown started.  If we’ve missed your favourite post, let us know! …