6 top tips to help you pack for your child’s first ski holiday

Child on drag ski lift at sunset

A skiing holiday can be great fun for the whole family. With fresh air, exercise and loads for your little ones to do, you might have started planning your trip. But when it’s your kids’ first time, knowing exactly what to pack for them can be a challenge. Luckily, Steve Cochrane, Managing Director of kids’ designer clothing retailer Childrenswardrobe gives his top tips for dressing your little ones for a day out on the slopes.

With ski season rapidly approaching the stores are currently full of skiwear and winter clothing and Black Friday is just around the corner, which means now is the perfect opportunity to start buying your outfits. But, what exactly do you need to pack to keep your little ones safe and warm on the slopes?

Below, I’ll be giving you my top tips, so you know just what clothing to pack for your child’s first ski holiday.

Base layers

Although they’ll be out in the snow and the cold weather, skiing can be hard work, which means your kids are going to get warm throughout the day. That means they’ll need a base layer made from a breathable material that can wick away any moisture and keep the rest of their clothing dry. The best materials for base layers are synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon, or natural materials like merino wool. However, try to avoid thicker fabrics like pure cotton or wool, as these will only absorb moisture and make your little ones cold and uncomfortable. You should also pack plenty of thick socks to keep your child’s feet warm and cosy.


A thin base layer alone won’t keep your child warm when out in the snow, so they will need to wear an extra layer on top to trap the heat in. Things like fleeces, hoodies and thin jumpers make great mid-layers, as they can keep your little ones warm and cosy, but they are easy to remove if they start to overheat. Again, try to avoid absorbent materials, like wool and cotton, and go more towards synthetic materials that can remove moisture.


Small child in puffy winter ski jacket

You’ll also want to pack an outer layer for your child to wear to help keep them warm and dry. So, look for a waterproof zip-up coat that’s also breathable. You might want to check that there’s plenty of room in the pockets too, so your little one has somewhere to put their gloves when they’re indoors to avoid them getting lost.

You’ll also need to pack a pair of waterproof trousers, salopettes or an all-in-one ski suit. You might want to pack a few pairs of thermal leggings or long johns for your children to wear under their salopettes, but these aren’t essential.


Once you’ve gathered all the necessary layers, it’s time to focus on accessories to give your child’s head, ears and fingers extra warmth. Woolly hats can keep little ears warm and protect them from the elements, and a pair of thick waterproof gloves or mitts can keep their hands toasty and dry. Try to get a pair with good grip on the palms, as this will help them hold onto ski lifts and poles. You might also want to take along a thinner pair of gloves to keep their little hands warm in the evening. And don’t forget a cosy scarf that they can tuck into the front of their coat to beat the winter chill!

Specialist skiwear

As well as all their layers, your children will need some more safety gear, like helmets and goggles. If you want to buy your own, you can get better deals between September–December, when the specialist ski shops hold sales to get rid of old stock. However, new items will be in around December onwards, so you can still get some great pieces right up to before you go.

For your child’s first ski trip, I wouldn’t recommend investing in ski boots, skis or ski poles right away, as your child could quickly grow out of them by next season. Instead, you can hire these at the resort or look for adjustable ski poles that will last a few years as they grow.

Extra outfits

Children in winter ski clothing sitting on snow holding hands

The best thing about a skiing holiday is that there’s so much for the whole family to enjoy. If your little ones get too tired to ski, they can always spend some time playing in the snow or doing some tobogganing. And, with most resorts being filled with restaurants and cafés, you might want to pack a few extra après-ski outfits.

Make sure you take along a couple of extra jumpers, a pair of jeans and some sturdy shoes or boots, like wellies or trainers with a rubber sole, for your children to wear if you go out for a meal. Just bear in mind that these won’t be waterproof, so should only be worn if your kids aren’t planning on doing any skiing in them.

Check the weather

Before heading to the slopes each morning, it’s worth checking the weather forecast, as it could determine what you dress your little ones in that day. For example, if there’s full sun, they might benefit from only wearing a few thinner layers under their coat. However, if some particularly cold and snowy weather is heading your way, you might want to wrap them up a little bit more than usual to keep them warm.

A skiing holiday can be a great opportunity to create some special memories with your whole family. If it’s your child’s first time on the slopes, the tips in this guide will help you know just what clothes to pack to keep them warm, dry and safe. So, you’ll be spending less time worrying about what they’re wearing, and more time having fun in the snow!

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