5 reasons why you shouldn’t teach your partner how to ski!

Avoid the break-up, Book the lessons.

Planning a ski trip with your significant other? Don’t teach them how to ski… Leave it up to the experts and book lessons!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re on a quest to save relationships worldwide.
Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid teaching your partner how to ski:

1. If you’re not a certified instructor, leave it up to the experts.

If you’re not a qualified instructor, you most likely won’t have the tools and knowledge to teach your partner how to ski/snowboard properly. The habits you learn as a complete beginner are very important, and shouldn’t be overlooked. To a newbie, skiing/snowboarding can be incredibly daunting and scary. If you don’t have the experience and patience- it’s going to be a disaster.

2. If they get hurt, you’re to blame- and you won’t hear the end of it!

After researching heavily into the topic ‘should I teach my partner how to ski?’ this one response should be enough to convince you to book an instructor!

‘Speaking from experience, I taught my ex how to ski and it did not go well. On the first day she broke her leg and put the blame on me. Avoid at all costs! Also notice how I called her my ‘ex…..’

3. If your partner has a bad time, you may never ski together again
If you live and breathe all things skiing, the idea that one disastrous ski trip could end all future ski holidays is simply terrifying. Is it worth the risk? Absolutely not.

4. Your partner will give up more easily
After X amount of days/months/years together, your partner is far more likely to give up with you by their side, than if he/she is if with an instructor. Not only will your partner feel more obligated to try harder when they’ve paid for tuition, but they will also be more inclined to listen to their instructor.

5. Get some free time to shred
Lets face it: you’ve been waiting for this ski trip all year, and mountain time is more precious than ever. This might seem a little harsh, but do you really want to waste your whole ski trip being shouted at on the beginner run? Best to meet up for lunch and apres, and let the instructor do the hard work. Plus, after a few lessons, you’ll be able to ski together and not fight (hopefully).

The takeaway? Unless you’re looking to swap the ‘I love you’s’ for ‘Let’s break up,’ we suggest you leave the teaching up to the professionals!
Avoid the break up, book the lesson.

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